Special Services

We provide a variety of special services for your pet while he / she is staying with us. Our special services include: grooming, nature walks, play times, special diets, and medications.


We offer bathing, brushing and nail trimming. Prices vary depending on the size and how cooperative your pet is.

  • Baths Start at: $10.00
  • Nails Start at: $8.00

Optional Exercise

  • Play Time 15 - 20 minutes: $1.00
    Your dog is taken out into a large fenced area where there are tennis balls and tug toys to play with or they can just relax and sniff around. Playtimes are done individually unless you would like us to match your dog up with a suitable playmate. We do not have group playtimes, only individual or one on one with a compatible playmate.
  • Personal Play Time 15 - 20 minutes: $4.00
    One of our staff takes your pet out to an exercise area for one on one play with a human or just some personal brushing or ear scratching time.
  • Nature Walk 15 - 20 minutes: $5.00
    A 15 - 20 minute walk out around the pond through the fields and trees. Lots of smells to smell and wildlife to see.

Feeding Policy

We ask that you bring your pets own food in individually wrapped meals or a container with enough food for your pets stay with instructions on the container with the amount to be fed for each meal. Keeping your pet on their food helps reduce upset stomach issues.


If your pet is on medication please bring it along and we will make sure they receive it. Once-a-day chewable meds are administered at no charge. For eye, ear and multiple meds there is a $1.00 per day charge; insulin injections are $1.00 per shot.